How Small Businesses help boost Community Commerce

November 10, 2021 Loket
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An article from released last February 16, 2021 noted that “…small businesses pose competition to previously stale with their innovative concepts and products. And because they operate locally, they create job opportunities with preference for local individuals, driving new job growth in a local town or city”.

This same idea gave LOKET Team the spirit to create a feature that can help community stores and establishments through the neighborhood app.

“LOKET Store features serve as the online map of users, which allows users to see the stores and other establishments within their barangay or up to seven kilometre radius”, says Claudine Bulso of LOKET Merchant Partnership section.

The Store feature of the app is free of charge for all businesses. Business owners just need to register to the app and input their store, like how regular store listing does. Also, the Store feature enables the store owners to chat customers directly without any charge.

“It’s a given fact that now, people prefer establishments within their area because it allows them to visit the store more conveniently and even if they need the items and services delivered at home, they are most likely to receive zero to very very minimal delivery charge”, added Bulso.

Today, when the most search word on the internet is near me, even businesses needs to efficiently target customers that will have more chances of repeat purchase- indeed a community commerce at its best.