Fueled by the goal to create a warm, well-informed, and comfortable online neighborhood community, Loket (lo-ket, shorten word for local marketplace) was specially created for Filipinos, by Filipinos.

Loket’s main service as a mobile app is a neighborhood community What’s Up that allows people to share information to each other- from news and announcements, as well as ideas that will create a warm, well-informed, and comfortable neighborhood. Other than an information-sharing platform, the mobile app also allows the neighborhood to know nearby promotions such as events, discounts, and even job fairs and livelihood seminars through Town Promotion.

Besides a neighborhood community app, Loket also provides information to the neighborhood such as establishments listing nearby called Stores and even Second hand deals.

While there are other second-hand deals online, Loket makes sure that the secondhand deals in the mobile app is far different from others. The Second-hand deal section was specially created for peer-to-peer transactions only, thus businesses are off-limits to this section.

Second-hand deal is a section where peers can buy items from neighbors that do not use these items already. At some instances, a peer can even get an item for free, just because a neighbor needs to declutter ASAP. This is never a venue for businesses to sell their products and the system will be monitoring this very carefully.

Ten years from now, Loket team envisions a community mobile app that help bridges Filipinos neighborhood to the government and non-government sectors swiftly. 

Loket team also envisions a strong neighborhood community online where Filipinos can rely on information, especially on what they need-when they need it.

Make second hand deals your first priority!


More people are looking for convenient ways to get their wants and needs-in one click!

The Second Hand deals is the best avenue to buy pre-loved items when it comes to convenience and bargain prices- since you are practically transacting with friends and neighbors!


When you don’t have enough space in your storage area- it’s time to declutter! Second hand deals serves as a platform to give your pre-loved items a second chance through selling (or giving it away) directly to your friends and neighbors!

Earning a little from selling your pre-loved and even gaining a new friend from transaction in the community!


Communicate at ease and make a deal when and where to meet.

If you're both free as of the moment and your house is pretty close to each other.


Stop worrying about meeting dangerous people or getting scammed because your buyer or seller is very far from you and needs a third-party to ship your item.

With this the buyer/seller can meet face to face and hand the item directly and pay.

Be part of the community and be involved in Town Life through What’s Up!

Stay Updated and Be Prepared

Know straight from people in your community when it comes to real-time information on road updates, traffic alerts, and even events and happenings!

Stay Connected and Help Each Other

Connect to your friends and neighbors in the community through What’s Up. Share your thoughts and join conversations through sympathy and comments. A warm conversation can go places and even help someone in the community!

What's Up

Be Updated

Get updates on the latest road situation around your neighborhood. Checkpoints, road closure, traffics and other updates that will affect your commute time.


You can also shares thoughts and information with your neighbors regarding new rules, what road to avoid and parking updates.

What's Up

Be Prepared

Check if you need to bring an umbrella or if the weather is good to run some errands. Let your friend know your situation if you need help or emergency

What's Up

Stay Connected

Connect with the community and shares thoughts and be there for your family and friends across your street or barangay.

What's Up

Help Each Other

Get help or help someone nearest to you.

In this uncertain time, the nearer the customers- the better. In Loket, we connect you to your best repeat customers- your neighbors!


Update the community of your store’s location- Increase your presence in the community and show neighbors your exact location through the Loket Store feature. Also, chat directly to customers through the app!


Share your promos and discounts in Town Life- Let your neighbor’s know about your store’s promos and updates- real time and fast!


Maximize reach and promote with results- With Loket’s location-based feature, businesses are rest-assured that target customers are within reach and results are maximized!

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Trade with your neighbors for free!

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